Ace among Ace’s

Early 90's late evenings wouldn't go without a cup of drama, Dad ran towards TV and suddenly started taping the remote and then the neighbors could easily hear the sound that smashing made Tough you cannot help it, no one in the family could dare to scold him We all knew what brought this situation... Continue Reading →

Science Isn’t Magic Tamed.

Hey! Everyone So, it's been a long before I wrote something but here am i. Very less of you know me real-well, I write because of a storm forming inside my head of reality and fiction so here are a few things my storm creates I don't know about you but if my heads think... Continue Reading →

Do i owe someone?

Hey! Everyone This is purely fictional or an imaginary story I'd been working for a while maybe not everyone reading will get the message behind it and let me know if you find out who had been behind him and why I know a secondary task but just if you find out let me know... Continue Reading →

Something cannot be cured.

Hey! Everyone reading , i don't feel wrong about accepting that i write about love , many of you out there feel like love is not the thing to be wrote about or you may even hate it for you've been cheated or not found your partner till 26 or whatever. But i can be... Continue Reading →

The league of the champions.

Hey! This is my second most blog about the most electrifying game in the sports history. Hope you will like it. Let it roll. Hello everyone reading. So , probably you'd be thinking why i decided to go with this. Not everyone like this but everyone love this. For a person like having multiple thoughts... Continue Reading →

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